Minutes for May 26, 2009 Meeting

Minutes Tuesday — May 26, 2009

Gayle GarmanRichard FlemingKaren SchurrEllen HewittBrian DeLucaMarcia NormanKris FullerMary Lou Knox

Monitoring Report

  1. King County Small Lakes Stewardship Program has dropped monitoring on half of the lakes (from 44 to 20 lakes). SPU pays for analysis. Green Lake now has 1 rather than 2 monitoring stations.
  2. Rainfall – spring has been off and on rainy, but fall was quite dry.
  3. Temperature – the lake stays cold at the bottom if no storms occur to mix the water up.
  4. Secchi disk readings – the water is even clearer this year than in previous years.
  5. One member noted that artificial light can affect algae levels in lakes because darkness triggered zooplankton rise can be retarded by lighting. Zooplankton eat algae.
  6. Ellen wants Richard to send his monitoring charts ( as jpeg files) to her to upload to the FOGL web site.

Milk Carton Race

  1. Eleven helpers are signed up.
  2. People should contact FOGL if they want to volunteer – we need more helpers

What to do with the trifolds

  1. Brian suggested we set them up with a time line organization

2     The time line would include milfoil, algae, alum treatment, and FOGL founding

Cross Lake Swim — 6/23/09

  1. We need a manager and volunteers

July Picnic

  1. It will be a potluck
  2. People should bring their own plates and silverware

Treasurer’s Report

4/30/09 Savings $2,885.58 ( includes 1.34 in interest)
4/30/09 Chking $215.40 (25.00 donation, 75.00 in PO expense, 15.00 for domain name)
TOTAL $3,100.98

Webmaster Report – Ellen Hewitt

  1. “About Us” – is a little out of date
  2. “Monitoring” – could use new information (graphs?)
  3. Fish Information – needs updating
  4. We need to date pictures and pages on the web site

Business – By Law Changes

  1. Kris moved and Ellen seconded to adopt the Articles of Association. Voted on and passed unanimously
  2. By Law Changes
    • Article X – add this: ,” a 501c3 charitable organization {Tax ID 91-1998597} or to the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation if the foregoing is not possible.” Ellen moved and Mary Lou seconded the motion to accept the amended Article X of the Articles of Association. Voted on and passed unanimously. (New version to be dated May 26, 2009)
  3. Proposed by law changes: officers to be elected in October. Karen Moved, Ellen Seconded and it was voted on and passed unanimously.
  4. Gayle suggested we change the titles of Chair and Vice Chair to President and Vice President. Ellen so moved, Karen seconded and it was voted on and passed unanimously.

Caps for sale

  1. Navy, khaki, and sage were the preferred base color of the caps. Caps will have our plant logo in green with red letters. The production will be done by Don’s on 1st Ave.
  2. Estimate:
    20 mens, 20 womens, 20 kids, at $10.00 each
    = $600.00+ $125.00 logo fee and $60.00 tax.
  3. Ellen moved that we obligate ourselves to $800.00 for purchase and logo design for hats to sell at the Cross Lake Swim in June. Kris seconded and the motion passed.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.