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Minutes for September 18, 2007 Meeting

Meeting Minutes
September 18, 2007

Douglas Dorling, guest-Northwest Aquatic Ecosystems:
“Measuring the Effects of Solarbee Systems in Lake Steilacoom”
Gayle GarmanRichard FlemingEllen HewittMarcia NormanKaren SchurrKris Fuller

Meeting opened at 7:15pm.

  1. Treasurers Report (Mary Lou Knox is away)
    Checking Account (9-1-07) $1031.80
    Checking Account (9-18-07) $1031.80 no deposits
    Savings Account (8-31-07) $1287.58
       receipts $225.00 (T-shirts) $75.00
    (Donation) $150.00
    Savings Account (9-18-07) $1512.58
  2. Website Report – Ellen Hewitt
    Pictures are moving from the Milk Carton Event to fall pictures. Martin Muller may send some fall bird pictures. Ellen asked Michael Cory to do a turtle story, but he has not responded yet. Joan Burton may give us a hiking story.

    Notes: The Pied Bill Grebes have hatched one chick which is surviving. Some spam has been getting through our website. Captcha is a spam resistant method we could try.

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