How To Help

Volunteers Needed

  • Volunteer for FOGL Floating Wetlands project
  • Volunteer at shoreline restoration work parties with Green Lake Stewards
  • Measure lake temp and clarity, report at meetings
  • Photograph Green Lake events, write a story for local media
  • Write about FOGL for blogs, newsletters, etc.
  • Help organize monthly meetings: program, speakers, liaison with hosts
  • Outreach to nearby businesses
  • Outreach to nearby neighborhoods
  • Identify grant opportunities, help prepare grant applications
  • Pro bono legal advice

Email us

Make a tax-free cash donation

Send check payable to Friends of Green Lake to: Treasurer, Friends of Green Lake, PO Box 30544, Seattle, WA 98113-0544

Help us purchase operating supplies for:

  • Floating Wetland Project
  • Water monitoring
  • FOGL Membership in Lake Preservation organizations
    (e.g. WALPA)
  • Other opportunities to publicize FOGL activities or Green Lake events.
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Friends of Green Lake

FOGL meets at 7:00 PM on the fourth Tuesday of odd numbered months. Meetings have been virtual using Zoom during the Covid pandemic, but as conditions improve, will resume at a location such as The Hearthstone Board Room, 6720 E. Green Lake Way N, Seattle 98103, where meetings have been for a number of years prior to Covid-19. See website:

Green Lake Community Council

GLCC meets at 7:00 PM on the second Wednesday of odd numbered months via Zoom but after it is deemed safe, hope to resume at The Hearthstone Chapel (address above). See website:

Be proactive with City Government and the Parks Department to continue funding for a clean and healthy Green Lake for the benefit of all.

In the past, toxic green algae caused the Health Department to close Green Lake to swimming and nearly all water activities numerous times. Funding for treatment when needed competes with many other needs in the budget.

Write to Seattle City Council members listed on the City Council website or send written comments or letters when issues occur. Inform the Council that toxic algae and lake closures at this well-loved, heavily used lake are intolerable. Tell them about any personal experiences.