Monthly Archive: November 2006

Green Lake Vegetation Plan Discussed

Don Allen, North Central District Crew Chief Explained Planning and Upkeep

Don Allen, Crew Chief for the Seattle Parks Department, North Central District, explained the Green Lake Vegetation Plan and its execution at FOGL’s November 21 meeting, giving special emphasis to the shoreline vegetation and possible effects on water quality.

The plan includes areas designated as wildlife habitat, and may be viewed online at their web site or at the Green Lake Library.

Minutes for November 21, 2006 Meeting

Meeting Minutes
November 21, 2006

Don Allen, Seattle Parks and Recreation Crew Chief for North Sector Parks
Gayle GarmanKaren SchurrBrian DeLuccaRichard FlemingMarcia NormanEllen HewittMary Lou KnoxKris FullerJoel TufelDoug MartinMartin MullerKevin Stoops

The meeting was called to order by Gayle Garman at 7:05pm.

PROGRAM: The Green Lake Park Vegetation Management Plan by Don Allen

Don explained that he had had computer problems, so the presentation would be limited. Rose Ellen Brittenham is the chief gardener for the Vegetation Management Plan, which was set up in 1996. There has been general cleanup going on including the removal of invasive plants such as ivy and blackberry, and erosion control measures added in some areas along the lake shore. The cottonwoods at Gaines Point were cut and replaced since these trees were brittle and dangerous to park visitors. Some cypress were pruned to reduce limb drop.
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