Minutes for March 24, 2009 Meeting

Tuesday — March 24, 2009
Prepared by: Richard Fleming

7:00 Introductions – 7 members present. No new attendees.

7:25 Announcements and Updates

  1. Kevin Stoops, Seattle Parks & Recreation. Not present. Comments to Gayle:
    1. SPU inspecting the surface water treatment vaults at the SW end of the lake next to the Small Craft Center, and will repair and replace baffles and separators as necessary.
    2. SP&R will proceed with improving drainage and placing artificial turf on fields 2 and 7 at Lower Woodland Park as part of the mayor’s acceleration of planned construction activities. Construction this summer.

  2. Gayle Garman reported on a time-critical alert received from WALPA regarding a hearing the next day in WA Legislature on SB 5412 which would reprogram 25% of WA Dept of Ecology’s funds for Toxic Bloom information and control, to marine shoreline aquatic weed clean-up. Gayle and Richard each sent emails to local legislators addressing the merits of the existing freshwater bluegreen algae program, assistance the program has provided FOGL/Green Lake and the public health benefits of the program: unlike freshwater bluegreen algae, the marine algae are not toxic.

7:25 Green Lake Cyanobacteria – Gayle Garman

Gayle made a Power Point presentation on Cyanobacteria – Gloeotrichia and the results of summer 2008 sampling for phytoplankton and water quality. See Power Point presentation.

7:40 Upcoming Activities

  1. Bird Walk with Martin Muller, March 28 and April 11 – Karen Schurr
    Both sessions are fully signed-up.
  2. Cross Lake Swim, Sunday, June 28
    Gayle reported that several people have agreed to help at the event. Deb Bonjoulklian volunteered to coordinate the event. Gayle suggested that we update the poster boards for the spring events. It was suggested that we try and obtain a shelter for the booth.
  3. Milk-carton Race, Saturday, July 11
    We still need someone to coordinate the event and more helpers.

8:00 Standing Committee Reports

  1. Treasure’s Report – Mary Lou Knox
    (see attached report.)
  2. Baseball Caps – Deb Bonjouklian
    After a discussion of the alternative designs, styles, logo, etc., it was decided that Deb should get a cost estimate for the purchase of 30 caps, in men’s, women’s and youth’s. The logo should be Friends of Green Lake with the FOGL logo, which is used for our letterhead.
  3. Webmaster – Ellen Hewitt
    Ellen would like seasonal pictures and updated monitoring graphs. She would like to post Sally Abella’s Power Point presentation and Gayle’s presentation this evening..
  4. WALPA newletter
    Gayle provided the most recent WALPA news letter.
  5. 501(c)3 Application – Gayle Garman & Mary Lou Knox
    Gayle reported that the application had been submitted to the IRS along with the required $300 application fee. We should hear be notified by the April meeting whether the application had been accepted or would require additional supporting material.

8:30 Discussion regarding other issues and projects

  1. Annual Election of Officers – Gayle Garman
    Suggestion for by-law amendments. Gayle suggested that it may be more appropriate to hold elections in the fall, October. This would permit the inclusions of any new members and align with the activity year from fall through spring. Discussion at the next meeting and proposed rule changes.
  2. Meeting with other neighborhood groups. Gayle proposed that FOGL undertake and outreach to other neighborhood groups with compatible interests.

9:00 Adjourn

Next Meeting Tuesday, April 28, 2009 at 7:00 PM at the Hearthstone. Karen Schurr will chair the meeting.