Minutes for May 15, 2007 Meeting

Meeting Minutes
May 15, 2007

Gayle GarmanRichard FlemingMarcia NormanKaren SchurrMary Lou KnoxKris Fuller

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM.

The first item discussed was the Cross Lake Swim on June 24th. Linda and Kris will be there to set things up. More discussion followed later in the meeting.

There was a proposal to plant native vegetation to replace the blackberries which were pulled by Seattle Parks and Recreation. Gayle suggests that we not go for the proposal since it would require a three-year plan of maintenance.

Treasurer’s Report –

Savings $836.56
Checking $1128.31
TOTAL $1,964.87 ($1,994.87 including T-shirts already sold)

Fish Report –

Muskies were eating trout rather than carp – the target prey for the muskies. We also need some photographs of folks fishing at the lake.

12,000 2-5” Brook Trout were planted
20,000 8-12” Rainbow Trout
20,000 14” Rainbow Trout
1,720 1 ½ lb. Triploid Rainbows

Monitoring –

Rebecca Timson of Billings Middle School is doing monitoring through the County Program. There was meeting in April about Lake Monitors, and a talk given about the data collected and how it is used. Students do level 1 monitoring by sampling off the dock. Level 2 monitoring is done from kayaks. Richard Fleming does rainfall monitoring, and has asked for a buoy to make water quality sampling from the kayaks safer.

T-Shirts –

We need to order more T-shirts to replenish inventory. Gayle suggests we not order the banded sleeve shirts because they cost us $2.00 more and complicate keeping track of inventory. We will put Michael Cornell’s logo on the sleeve of the new shirts, recognizing his contribution to the project.

Cross Lake Swim and Milk Carton Derby –

Kris Fuller will help Linda Noble on the Cross Lake Swim. We need people to manage the booth at the Milk Carton Derby on July 7th. FOGL has ordered a new 3×10 foot banner to comply with Seafair requirements.

Selection of New Parks Superintendent –

Gayle Garman will draft a letter to the Mayor’s Office requesting the following qualities:

  1. We would like someone with a scientific and environmental background who understands storm water and drainage issues in our region.
  2. We would strongly prefer that the person chosen be a regional local – a Pacific Northwest native who understands the Seattle community’s ethos about the environment and its parks.

Final comments –

Richard says we should ask Bruce Bolding about this year’s number of fish plants, especially how this compares with prior fish plants. There are many more people fishing.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.