Write and Thank the Parks Department, Mayor, and City Council

Scum along Green Lake shoreline

Photo by Green Lake resident Garet Munger

Toxic algae blooms caused Green Lake to be closed to all water contact activities during the fall of 2012, 2013 & 2014. Last year it was closed for swimming in September 2015.

bright blue algae scum

Toxic blue-green algae in Green Lake.

In 2004 the lake was treated with alum and the water remained clear for nearly a decade. Funding for another alum treatment is in the City’s 2016 budget.

Friends of Green Lake asks you to PLEASE WRITE to the City Council, Mayor Ed Murray, and the Parks Superintendent to thank them for including the funding for another Green Lake clean up in the budget to keep Green Lake clean, healthy, and beautiful for people and wildlife. In your letter be sure to let them know how you use and value Green Lake and that Green Lake serves people of all backgrounds and income levels.

City Council: council@seattle.gov
Parks Superintendent: Jesus.aguirre@seattle.gov
Mayor: To contact the Mayor, go to seattle.gov, scroll down to the Mayor’s photo on the right and click on “Contact” for the contact form.

Funding for a Green Lake Study was included in the 2015 City Budget.  The Alum Treatment is planned for March-April, 2016.