Agenda for FOGL Meeting January 26, 2016

Room opens for socializing and conversation at 6:45 PM

  • Call to Order and Introductions
    • Richard Fleming, President
  • Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation – Planning and Maintenance activities at Green Lake Park and the funding process for these activities
    • Dan Johnson, Director Parks Division
    • Patrick Merriam, Parks Resource Manager
    • Colleen Hacket, Crew Chief NW District
    • Michael Shiosake, Director Planning and Development
  • Rob Zisette, Herrera Environmental Consultants –
    • Status of the Spring 2016 Alum Treatment scheduled for Green Lake
    • Phosphorous in the Sediments
    • Green Lake Water Budget and Recording Surface Elevations
  • Richard Fleming
    • December Rainfall, Meridian Outlet and Surface Level of Green Lake
    • FOGL will cease water quality sampling following the Alum Treatment
    • Gift Certificate for Paul Hewitt for development of FOGL’s excellent Web Site
  • Ellen Hewitt – WebMaster’s Report
  • Gayle Garman – Treasurer’s Report
  • Adjourn
  • Next Meeting – February 23, 2016 – Joint meeting, FOGL and Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation. The co-hosted meeting will lprovide an opportunity for the public to learn about and comment on the proposed Alum Treatment. The meeting is planned for the Chapel if it is available.

Friends of Green Lake (FOGL) is a non-profit group in Seattle, Washington, whose mission is to ensure a healthy Green Lake for wildlife and recreation, for today and tomorrow.