Minutes for October 24, 2017 Meeting

Friends of Green Lake Meeting, Tuesday October 24, 2017, Hearthstone Boardroom

Convened at 7:00 PM

Richard FlemingGayle GarmanAlice PoggiKaren SchurrRob ZisetteMarcia NormanKathleen ConnerRuth BaetzTom SchubertGaret MungerBernhard WeiplDon DeibertS. Jo PalmBrian DeLucaColleen Hackett

Following around the table introductions, Karen S chaired the meeting.

Richard F and Kathleen Conner provided general comments regarding the FOGL provided “To Do” list, as previously recorded and described in earlier FOGL minutes and records. They described the activity of the FOGL meeting with Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) for a walk around the lake to discuss ideas and details of FOGL suggestions.

Colleen H noted that there is no legal camping at Green Lake, although it may occur and will be corrected. She mentioned the possible addition of more toilet facilities around the lake, to include a possible addition to the current West beach bathhouse facility accessible to path patrons without entering through the swimmers’ access.

Comments regarding protective barrier trees along Northbound Aurora Avenue along the West perimeter of the park greenbelt were included.

Work by Jon Jainga to improve plant management at the park were noted.

Alice P noted that our local Seattle City Councilman Mike O’Brien has proposed a tax increase for funding to improve the Green Lake Community Center.

Brian D advised Kathleen Conner on technical descriptions of FOGL “To Do” input to add paved path location safety markers to assist patrons needing 911 First Responder assistance – will provide her with documentation.

Garet M commented on repair/refinish of worn wood park bench slats. Brian D suggested use of Trex (or similar product) in lieu of wood. Also, discussed projects for mulching and planting at Green Lake and other parks. Comments on volunteer litter patrols by several volunteer organizations.

Cathleen H discussed removal/natural restoration of Duck Island’s illegal concrete skateboard facility. Seattle is seeking legal damages against the perpetrators.

Rob Z discussed technology and processes for monitoring lake levels over time. Suggested single daily measurement (vs. continual) is sufficient for technical analysis of lake’s condition.

Next meeting: Tuesday January 23, 2018, unless convened sooner for added special meeting.

Brian DeLuca, FOGL Recording Secretary