Minutes for June 18, 2007 Meeting

Meeting Minutes
June 18, 2007

Gayle GarmanRichard FlemingMarcia NormanMary Lou KnoxEllen HewittKris FullerSheila Cory

The meeting was called to order by Gayle Garman at 7:10 PM.


Checking Account $920.81
Savings Account $837.80
Total on hand $1,818.61

Income – $165.00

Donations – $150.00
T-shirt sale – $15.00

Expenses – $402.51

Seafair Banner – $100.00
Puget Sound Network – $10.00
T- shirts – $292.51

501.3c Status:
Beth Pflug at Northwest District Council suggested we consider getting our own certification or look for another neighborhood organization to sponsor FOGL (The application stalled at Green Lake Community Council.)


Webmaster – Ellen Hewitt

We are doing our seasonal change to summer with associated events and pictures. Ellen says we need more pictures so members should contribute any that they have. Martin Muller’s bird story changes seasonally, too. T-SHIRTS – Linda Noble Linda is not present, but we have 30 newly printed t-shirts in multiple sizes. Ellen and Marcia each requested one be set aside for them in the pale blue color.

Monitoring – Richard Fleming

Richard stated the water is very clear. On June 17, the secchi disk was visible all the way to the bottom at the south end of the lake(10-12 feet of depth). The water temperature was equal at all depths indicating there is good water mixing. The buoys have been reinstalled so Richard and Gayle have less trouble anchoring the kayak when they sample. One buoy is near the Hearthstone shore area, and METRO, Kevin Stoops of the Dept of Parks and Recreation, and Jason Frisk of the GL small boat center, confirming the new buoy locations. One station was moved to use the mooring from the milfoil harvester Richard and Gayle were interviewed by the Seattle Channel. The interview is available on-line for individual viewing.


Cross Lake Swim – June 24, 2007 at the East Beach. The ½ mile swim goes
from the West Beach to the East Beach . The 1 mile swim goes from the East Beach to the West Beach and back. They are followed by an Awards Ceremony. Kris, Blayne, and Deb will set up at 8:00am near the Community Center to sell FOGL T-shirts and distribute informational brochures. Other volunteers will help until noon.

Milk Carton Derby Race – 9AM-3 PM on July 7, 2007 near the Small Craft Center.. SeaFair organizes this event and provides a 10 x 10 tent. This year they require that each booth have a 10 x 3 ft banner, which costs $250. Karen explained the purpose of FOGL and SeaFair contributed $150 to the cost of our new banner. FOGL will sell T-shirts, distribute brochures, display information about our activities, and have paper fish cut-outs for the smaller children to color. We need more volunteers for the booth. It was noted that the more elaborate boats usually race later in the day. Good weather will improve the turnout.

Densmore Drain Grate – Gayle wrote a letter on behalf of FOGL to Chuck Clarke, Director of Seattle Public Utilities, about the displaced grate on the Densmore drain outlet on May 15. . The letter explained that the displaced drain cover was dangerous to Park goers, especially children. Slipping into the drain would allow a person to drop into six feet of water which could be fatal. By May 21 the grate was secured with ropes. We received a reply from SPU on May 23 indicating the grate would be permanently fixed in 30 days, and to contact Frank McDonald, Manager of Drainage and Wastewater Assets (206-386-1838) if the grate is displaced again. Richard explained that most of the water in Green Lake comes from run-off from the streets and Park lawns surrounding the Lake. At the beginning of a storm, the run-off from Aurora Avenue goes into the street drains and then flows in pipes around Green Lake and discharges into Lake Union. During big rainstorms, there is such a large volume of storm-water that the pipes around Green Lake back-up and the excess water flows out the Densmore drain and into Green Lake. The initial flush of water which contains most of the street pollutants usually goes into Lake Union. The later storm water is cleaner and that is what goes into Green Lake.


Kris Fuller gave some information about the new Parks Superintendent selection process. Her husband attended one of the Public meetings about the qualities wanted in a new Superintendent. Friends of Green Lake discussions indicated most people wanted someone with local knowledge, respect for Olmsted Parks, and an excellent environmental background. It was suggested someone with an engineering background might be helpful. Kris also brought a handout from Kevin Stoops of Seattle Parks and Recreation which gave information on the new proposed Parks Business Plan. Kris explained that much of it seemed to be based on the King County Parks Plan of 2002. More general discussion then ensued about how Seattle Parks are used.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00pm.