Toxic Algae Again Found Present in Green Lake

King County collected a sample from Green Lake on Wednesday February 27. Results from that sample are being reported at 7.1 ug/L microcystin. This is above the state guidance level of 6.0 ug/L and therefore prompts attention from King County Public Health and Seattle Parks.

<strong>Caution Signs Are Going Up

Caution signs will be posted around the lake warning of the potential hazard from exposure to the algae.

King County Department of Health and Seattle Park Department make the determination to post warning or closure signs at the lake. Signs can be removed when there has been a series of weekly tests below the guidance level.

Another sample is scheduled to be collected for analysis on Monday March 11.

Test results for many lakes including Green Lake are posted at nwtoxicalgae.org. Go to the website and search for Green Lake to find Green Lake test results. If you have questions or comments or observations you can email FOGL President Garet Munger.

We urge you to join with other Friends of Green Lake at our monthly meetings as we learn more about algae and the lake. See meeting notices elsewhere on this page.

Algae blooms are notorious for being very patchy – high levels in one area and low levels in another close by area. Thus, health agencies always recommend avoiding any areas that have dense concentrations of scum.

It is always good practice to keep dogs from entering and drinking the water where the green scum is present. Be especially careful if you notice there is a bright green scum on the water.

For more info contact Hanna Petros, REMAX OTL.
Photo by Gayle Garman