Taiga Wetlands – Green Lake Floating Ecosystem Demonstration Project Update


Taiga Wetlands were successfully installed on Saturday May 28, 2022 by a team of about 40 volunteers. It was an incredible accomplishment to transport, assemble, plant, launch, and anchor the two 680 square-foot floating wetlands in One Day by volunteers who mostly had not done this nor even seen floating wetlands before. You can see them anchored west of Duck Island along with all the nesting ducks and resting great blue heron.

Many thanks go to Galen Fulford from Biomatrix Water for making the trip from Scotland to direct our efforts, which could not have been done without the hard work by our volunteers and with inspiration from Taiga. Be sure to see the project newsletter by Biomatrix with photos and a 1-minute video of the installation.

You can save the link to the Biomatrix Water newsletter and video of the Taiga Wetland Project: https://www.biomatrixwater.com/news/green-lake-seattle-taiga-wetlands/

A huge thanks to Sean Hermes and Seattle Parks and Recreation staff for storing and transporting the wetland materials to the lake, supplying wood chips and gravel, and providing foot traffic control during installation. We are thankful for Go Natives Nursery! providing most of the 1,090 plants at a great price and for being able to more than double our order on a Saturday when we realized we had greatly under-planned plant density. Thanks to Taiga’s family for supporting volunteer efforts and to the many Herrera staff who contributed to project design, planning, and installation.

This project was made possible by many private donations and a $50,000 grant from the Seattle’s Neighborhood Matching Fund.  We need to raise about $6,000 more to supplement our material costs and provide sufficient funds for long-term maintenance and monitoring. Please help fund our project by contributing a tax-deductible donation. Send a check payable to Friends of Green Lake to:

Treasurer, Friends of Green Lake, EIN 33-1212539
PO Box 31905, Seattle, WA 98103

For more information see the Project Page.