Send a Message for Green Lake!

Green Lake is ill.

For three straight years, toxic algae blooms have kept swimmers and dogs out of the water in late summer and fall.

This jewel of a lake needs help. A successful alum treatment in 2003 brought eight years of clear water. Please write a message to the City Council Members, urging them to budget for the studies and permits for another alum treatment. Send your message as soon as possible. They are currently working on the budget.

Write to the City Council at USPS mail to Councilmember Nick Licata, Attn: Emilia Sanchez, Deputy City Clerk, PO Box 94728, Seattle, WA 98124-4728; or fax to (206) 386-9025; or e-mail to Council@Seattle.Gov. You can start with this:

“Dear Council Member,

“Please allocate immediate funding for the studies and permitting that are essential for cleaning up Green Lake. Without 2015 funding, there will almost certainly be two more summer/fall seasons of toxic algae and lake closures. Thousands of people use Green Lake every day. Please fund its clean up!

“_______________” (Name)
“_______________” (Neighborhood)

The alum treatment done in March 2004 was designed to last 10 years. The 10 years are up. Please support FOGL efforts to keep Green Lake beautiful and healthy. The time has come for action.