Minutes for September 24, 2019 Meeting

Friends of Green Lake Meeting, Tuesday September 24, 2019, Hearthstone

Convened at 7:00 PM

Rob ZisetteJoe MarkmanEllen HewittDick EitelSayna ParsiKaren SchurrColleen HackettAlice PoggiBrian DeLucaFred RiversGina HarmonMichael Hassold

Following around the table introductions, Rob Z chaired the meeting.

CH commented on considerations for improving the steps access to the water at the West Beach Bathhouse area. Noted was the difficulty young small children have negotiating the current large steps.

EH commented on possible tree additions to the Northbound Aurora Avenue park greenbelt side. BL noted that any young trees planted would be many years to grow before becoming preventers of cars careening off the street in to the park. Reflective pain along that Eastside curb would assist drivers to be aware of its proximity. An out of control vehicle would need a substantial barrier installed to deflect it from the park.

RZ made updating comments on several proposed projects to enhance park patrons’ experience:

  • The suggested turtle log viewing platform needs to be ADA compliant.
    Preferred building material would be the TREX decking material, readily available for commercial and residential decking and stairs. See < https://www.trex.com/ >. There is concern about vegetation disturbance in the platforms immediate vicinity which needs to be properly managed.
  • Revisited floating wetlands with further information and video presented on free-floating and shoreline installations currently found across the globe.
  • The proposed pathway location safety markers attached to the inner path’s pavement were reviewed with RZ’s and BD’s standing offer to meet with Parks and City Officials to discuss.

RZ discussed lake water levels, reviewing/projecting web-based charts.

JM voiced questions and concerns about further and new milfoil cleanup and removal.

Next meeting will be on November 22, 2019.

Brian DeLuca, FOGL Recording Secretary