Minutes for November 27, 2018 Meeting

Friends of Green Lake Meeting, Tuesday November 27, 2018, Hearthstone

Convened at 7:00 PM

Guest speakers:
Debra BouchardDana WestJohn Abdalkhani
Rob ZisettePaul KostekBrian DeLucaRichard FlemingJeff HowardRuth BaetzGayle GarmanLiz Graf-BrennanKaren SchurrAlice Poggi

Following around the table introductions, Rob Z chaired the meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed.

KS discussed Lessons Learned at a 13 October Robert’s Rules of Order training session. See < https://jurassicparliament.com/roberts-rules-of-order/ >.

King County representatives Dana W, John A, and Debra B provided a comprehensive discussion regarding King County’s University Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Project. They proved flyers describing the essence of the project whose information can be seen at: < www.kingcounty.gov/protectingourwaters >. Topics of interest to the immediate FOGL area are the surface runoff and subsurface water movement coming Easterly from Phinney Ridge and the effects of East shore area major construction projects. JA highlighted construction and installation of water absorbing structures along parking strips. He noted that standard unaltered lawns are generally not good absorbers of heavy rain events. RZ noted the heavy outflow from the lake’s Densmore during recent heavy rain events. JA acknowledged the high local interest in lake water quality, citing Seattle Public Utilities as the best source of information. GG would like information on how the different soil geologies around the lake affect deep ground water movement. RZ queried on the level of monitoring of effects of the Link Light Rail tunnel to North Gate.

RZ noted candidates for the Tiaga Hinkley memorial: A viewing platform at the West shore Turtle Logs; Improving shower facilities at the West Beach Bathhouse; construction of a boat ramp at the Boat Rental facility adjacent to the T-Dock. RZ posited floating islands for habitat and water quality improvement, see < https://www.biomatrixwater.com/contact/about-us/ >.

JH ceased Secchi Disk monitoring, but continues at the Boat Rental T-dock to weekly monitor lake temperature at a depth of one-half meter.

The FOGL proposal for paved path location markers, to Parks Department and other city agencies, has been submitted and will be updated as needed following discussions with city officials.

Discussion of milfoil removal/control including presentation of photos of evidence of high North Shore accumulations taken by KS and BD were displayed and discussed.

RZ noted discussions with a group proposing an innovative bridge to Duck Island, which when not in use would allow passage by canoes and kayaks.

KS provided the Treasurer’s Report.

Next meeting scheduled for Tue 22 Jan 2019.

Brian DeLuca, FOGL Recording Secretary