Minutes for March 24, 2015 Meeting

Friends of Green Lake Meeting, Tuesday 24 March 2015, Hearthstone Boardroom

Convened at 7:00 PM

Richard FlemingKaren SchurrEllen HewittMarcia NormanMaureen KwolekGaret MungerGuy Michaelson*Brian DeLucaGayle GarmanToni Higgs*
*new attendees

Introductions – around the table for current and new attendees. Initial comments by Richard, circulated FOGL RECENT CORRESPONDENCE binder for members’ review, then on to first order of business:

Ms. Toni Higgs discussed STEM Program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) as operating at the Hazel Wolf School (HWS – K through 8) at 520 NE Ravenna Blvd.

Toni discussed Seattle’s student participation in International Earth Day, 22 April.

FOGL may participate in students’ educational visits to the park, to be available to student instruction and discussion of “real life” activities to protect, enhance and develop the park.

Gayle G entered motion for FOGL to assist HWS; Ellen H second – motion approved. Action to be determined.

Guy Michaelson, a private contractor to SPD working on Magnuson Park development since 2001, delivered a thorough and detailed comprehensive presentation of history to date on development of Magnuson Park – including heritage history of when the site was an active military air operations facility. Detailed description of recent and current plans for ongoing development of the park.

Guy particularly noted outstanding technical and administrative support over time by Andrew Scheffer (Seattle Parks and Recreation), who may be a point of contact for assistance with FOGL’s projects of interest which affect FOGL’s mission statement.

Maureen K:

Cited Volunteer Work Party set for Saturday 4 April, general blackberry and weed removal from Southeast shoreline. Mulch application at site occurred on 14 March.

Discussed development/procurement of posters to advertise volunteer work party activity, and also process for acquiring tools for work parties (SPD provision and/or “bring your own”).

General discussion on closing:

Richard F:

Commented on monitoring migration of pathway gravel, as it leaves the intended path bed and spills on to adjacent terrain and becomes part of run-off water flow into lake water.

Richard noted removal of fish screen from Meridian outlet.

Recap of Green Lake Community Council meeting of Wed 11 Mar, regarding Green Lake Park issues:

  • May 13: Rhonda Ketzel, King County Department of Health, to discuss closing Green Lake issues.
  • Shannon Kelleher, SPU, discussed basin-wide planning initiative.
  • Colleen Hackett, SPD, discussed proposed modifications to Densmore Inlet and Meridian and Sunnyside outlets.

Engineering Reed Blanchard will discuss at May meeting.

Katie McVicker, Research and Evaluation Aide, Seattle Parks and Recreation, to host meeting regarding lake closure signage for coming 2015 season. Tentative dates are Mon-Wed 6-8 April. Richard F and Brian D will attend.

Next FOGL meeting Tuesday 28 April 2015: Rachel (last name?) to discuss water monitoring topic.

Brian DeLuca, FOGL Recording Secretary