Minutes for June 20, 2006 Meeting

Meeting Minutes
June 20, 2006

Gayle GarmanKaren SchurrMichael BrueshKris FullerMary Lou KnoxEllen HewittRob ZisetteLinda NobleBeck RoyerStan MoffettRichard FlemingBrian DeLucaEric O’BrienRay Smith

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Gayle Garman, Chairman.

Pre-agenda comments included information that bacteria counts in the Lake are low and water temperature is 65F. Secchi disk depth is improved after the alum treatment.


Treasurer’s report ( Marcia Norman)

Checking Account balance $1,506.87
Savings Account balance $3,069.20

Old Business

June 25th Green Lake Open Swim – FOGL is co-sponsor with Seattle Parks Dept. Up to 100 swimmers are expected. Registration is at East Beach or inside the Community Center if inclement weather. The whole event should be completed between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM. Participants will receive a bag with a hat, T-shirt and FOGL flyer. The top 3 winners of the open swim will each receive a trophy. FOGL volunteers will be helping with registration and at the finish line.

FOGL T-Shirts – Linda Noble, T-shirt chairman, displayed the T-shirts with the new design. FOGL volunteers will be selling T-shirts at the Open Swim and the Milk Carton Boat races. Linda has established an inventory system to track sizes sold. Youth sizes are light blue and adult sizes are medium blue. Michael Cornell subsidized T-shirt costs Beck Royer is T-shirt assistant.

There was a discussion of how to acknowledge the contributions of those who entered the T-shirt design contest. Each entrant is receiving a FOGL certificate and letter of appreciation, and the winning designer also received a $50 check. It was finally decided that each of the 5 other entrants would also receive a $10.00 gift certificate to Third Place Books, in appreciation for their time and effort.

FOGL flyers – Ellen Hewitt had 100 flyers with the new T-shirt design printed for the Open Swim. It was decided to have an additiona1 200 flyers printed to distribute at the Milk Carton Boat races.

Program: Milfoil Report – Rob Zisette then reported on the milfoil problem at the
Lake. A milfoil map was developed from a survey in Aug. 2005, which showed less milfoil than in 1999, but more than in 2002. It’s thought that there is more this year. The Parks Department hired divers who were hand pulling the weed this past month in the two most severely affected areas — near Duck Island, and in the boat rental bay. The Parks Dept does not have any funding for an update to the map or additional milfoil removal.

Mr. Zisette said it is possible the milfoil will spread more widely with the increase in water clarity from the alum treatment. At the same time, it is possible introduced grass carp will be able to keep it under some control. He said that only time will tell. Measuring the extent of milfoil this fall could show whether the area affected is expanding, or not.

It was agreed that a group of FOGL volunteers will map milfoil in late August or early Sept. Ray Smith will contribute his inboard/outboard power boat, and Mr. Zisette may be able to donate use of an echo sounder and a differential GPS. Otherwise FOGL will rent those items. The volunteers doing the mapping are Stan, Ray, Beck, Richard, Rob and Gayle. Kevin Stoops of the Parks Department will be contacted in regard to obtaining the necessary permit(s).

Milk Carton Boat Race – The Milk Carton Boat Race will be held on Sat., July 1st. Stan Moffatt will arrive early to set up the tent and come back in late afternoon to take it down. A skeleton crew of FOGL volunteers is in place for the event, but more helpers would be welcome. Contact is Karen Schurr

Donation from Former Green Lake Chamber of Commerce – The Trustee of the now disbanded Green Lake Chamber of Commerce donated $2,900.00 to FOGL, requesting that some of the money be used for new plantings for the south side of the Community Center. Karen Schurr presented slides of the present south side of the Community Center, which has small planters (currently empty) and two trees remaining. After investigation, members found that all the potential plantings/improvements would be too expensive for FOGL to undertake with the money given. There was discussion that we should discourage donations for a specified purpose. It was decided that a letter detailing the problem would be sent to the donor, and that he would be asked if he wished to leave the donation for use in improving water quality, or whether he would prefer the funds be returned. Several members will work on the wording of the letter.


Need a Recording Secretary – Kris Fuller will be acting Recording Secretary for
this meeting.

Next Meeting – It was decided that no meeting would be held in July. The next meeting will be Tuesday, August 15, 7:00 pm, at the Hearthstone.

Green Lake Community Council – Several members will be attending the next Green Lake Community Council Meeting on July 12th. Marcia Norman and Linda Noble will give the Friends of Green Lake report to the Council.

The meeting drew to a close at 9:00 PM