Minutes for July 23, 2019 Meeting

Friends of Green Lake Meeting, Tuesday July 23, 2019, Hearthstone

Convened at 7:00 PM

Rob ZisetteEllen HewittGayle GarmanJeff HowardRichard FlemingGina HarmonKaren SchurrBrian DeLuca

Following around the table introductions, Rob Z chaired the meeting.

RZ began with a recap of our FOGL-Suggested projects for Parks Improvements/Additions.
RZ will engage in a discussion with David Graves/SP&R, to be accompanied by Brian DeLuca and others as a joint meeting, date TBD. JH offered to attend/assist.
RZ’s top three topics on FOGL’s list are:

  • The East Shore Turtle Log Viewing Platform, about 150 yards North of the Small Crafts Center.
  • The Bio-Enhancing floating gardens, as several may be located around the lake.
  • The Paved Path Location Markers, to enable park patrons to advise first responders on their location of need, when calling 911 for immediate assistance, e.g. injury, accident, Police etc.

Mentioned was eliciting support of Local Area Volunteer organizations to support FOGL and the work of Seattle City Government’s Parks District Board.

JH described his work to continue to monitor lake quality and Secchi Disk clarity. His findings are reported to King County Lake Water Quality agencies: < https://green2.kingcounty.gov/swimbeach/ > and further link from that government site.

Discussion ensued regarding the lake level weir adjustments at the Meridian Street outlet.
FOGL will query Colleen Hackett regarding the weir height management.

EH reviewed the maintenance and updates to the FOGL website.

RF noted the need for additional steps to lake bottom needed for the access of toddlers to the West Shore waterfront. The observation was made that periodic dumping of sand at the bottom of the lowest current step is an inadequate solution, in that normal lake currents wash that sand outward in to the lake floor – thereby reducing its value as a stepping platform for toddlers. An additional poured concrete step is needed, for the safety of the children entering the lake.

KS described the after-hours access to the West Beach Bathhouse restrooms.

Next meeting is scheduled for Tue 24 Sep 2019.

Brian DeLuca, FOGL Recording Secretary