Minutes for January 28, 2014 Meeting

Meeting Summary
Tuesday, January 28, 2014, 7:00-9:00 PM
The Hearthstone, 6720 East Green Lake Way N
Board Room

Garet MungerBrian DeLucaEllen HewittKaren SchurrRichard FlemingGayle GarmanRob ZisetteBrian Toth

The meeting came to order about 7:00 p.m.


Signs of spring: Red Wing Blackbirds are beginning to sing at the cattails near the turtle logs on the west side of the lake.
turtles are sunning on the logs on the west side of the lake.

Karen commented that she is seeing more people feeding ducks……..Poster near the Aqua Center says Don’t Feed Ducks……….it is not readily visible. Brief discussion of what happens if you mention to people feeding ducks that they should stop…….no resolution of issue.

Treasurer’s Report: Gayle had not yet received BECU statement but did report receiving a contribution of $100.00 and a $60.00 check for t-shirts and ball caps. Gayle will work with Garet to see what t-shirts are available and get back to the donor.

m/s/c to renew two FOGL domain names for 5 years at the reduced rate of $62.50 for each domain name. Ellen will complete the renewal and send in the renewal fee.

President’s Report

Wall near the outlet near the Hearthstone is in need of repair. A willow tree blew over and damaged the wall earlier this fall. Seattle Park Department is working on obtaining permits to complete the work.

Work is also going on by park department to obtain permits and funding to repair erosion around the Densmore drain.

Lease for the concession stand at the T dock rental center is up for renewal.

Garet reviewed FOGL Charter and Mission Statement.

Blanchet High School biology classes have been studying the lake and conducting water quality monitoring……Should they be invited to FOGL meeting?   Should other schools be approached?

Brief discussion of recruiting additional volunteers for monitoring at the lake…

Should we continue commitment for monitoring Water Quality?

Reviewed volunteer needs to continue our regular monitoring. Seems OK.

Do we need a second Secchi disk? Secchi disk would be used for back up when Garet is unavailable for the weekly monitoring. There was the suggestion that King County would give us a new one if we asked.

Should we continue commitment to organize and manage work parties at the lake?

There was a wide ranging discussion of how to recruit, use and train volunteers.

There was a wide ranging discussion of the purpose of work parties in addition to the agreement FOGL has with the parks department

Possible work parties:

  1. Around earth day (APRIL 20) but not that weekend.
    1. Work Party and leafleting…………..need to have leaflet
  2. Clean shore around Turtle Logs….Early March –Richard Fleming will head this up
  3. Rob Zisette – There is a Seattle Works day that his company (Herrera) has participated in, in the past. He would like for there to be an opportunity for his company to work at Green Lake this year.

Do we need to buy a new ELISA Testing Kit? This would be a replacement for the expiring ELISA microcystin test kit. Discussion led to conclusion that FOGL will not replace the test kit at this time. King County is responsive to requests for testing when the scum appears. M/S/C to authorize funding for a new kit if needed. Need will be determined by the FOGL officers.

Other: Rob Zisette let us know that he, through Herrera. has a contract to compile data and prepare a report on the status of Green Lake nutrient levels and other parameters significant in studying water quality treatment requirements. The city is planning and has identified funding for an alum treatment in 2015-2016.

The Parks Legacy Committee is meeting at Bitter Lake on Thursday (1-30). A letter will be sent out to the FOGL mailing list to announce and encourage attendance.

Program for February: Richard Fleming will share the data he has collected about water level in Green Lake.

Park Department staff in charge of concessions will talk to us about the process for selecting new lessee for paddle boat rental concession.