Minutes for January 24, 2017 Meeting

Friends of Green Lake Meeting, Tuesday 24 Jan 2017, Hearthstone Boardroom

Convened at 7:00 PM

Richard FlemingGayle GarmanKaren SchurrEllen HewittMarsha NormanAlice PoggiRob ZisetteMichael CuadraBrian DeLuca

Introductions and initial comments by Richard, then first order of business:

Ellen began discussion of Seattle Parks and Recreation’s (SPR) response to our “To Do” list for suggestions on Green Lake/Upper Woodland Parks’ general improvements and budget use. Karen assisted by operating the slide show which covered the “To Do” topics.

Regarding FOGL’s issue about camping in the park (prohibited by Municipal code), there was discussion regarding the new city sanctioned homeless encampment at the Southeast corner of N88th Street & Nesbitt Avenue N (one block East of Aurora). Unlike other city-sanctioned homeless camps, its low barrier makes management and safety more difficult by enabling ease of entry of unmonitored transients, thereby enabling drug and alcohol abuse. The Low Income Housing Institute, a non-profit, has offered this property while they go thru the permitting process for a building for low income housing, which is expected to take two years. The new camp is authorized for two years and is located near a new school complex on N 90th Street that will open in Sept 2017. The Aurora Licton Urban Village submitted a petition requesting certain conditions for the encampment, but they do not oppose it.

The City has identified general neighborhood difficulties near the similar Ballard encampment, authorized for a two year operation. None were attributed directly to the camp.

Gayle felt it was not citizens’ responsibility to enforce against undesirable activity, but we should document and report to authorities and North Precinct Advisory Council (NPAC). She agreed to contact the community outreach person at Seattle Police North Precinct for guidance, and report back.

The West Beach bathhouse restrooms need better access and hours of availability to path/park strollers, not just users of the beach and changing room users. Currently these bathrooms are only open when a lifeguard is on duty. Gayle commented that we need a meeting with SPR to clarify these bathhouse restroom issues. Currently other restrooms at the park are locked by park maintenance staff late at night and unlocked by them early in the morning.

Discussion of suggested path linking Green Lake Park to Upper Woodland Park. As a minimum, new signage would make the connection more obvious/inviting for strollers and joggers. It was suggested that such a link may take pressure off the main Green Lake path, given that a nearby interesting alternative was available.

Discussion of method of adding position markers along paved path to facilitate citizens’ reporting to 911 Responders regarding location of needed assistance. Suggested to meet with Mary Amberg of NPAC and/or the Green Lake fire station to further define need and suggested solutions.

Michael C of the Green Lake Advisory Council (GLAC) offered general discussion of his work with the Aurora/Licton Springs Urban Village concept. GLAC meets every second Tuesday at 7pm at the Green Lake Community Center (GLCC), public welcome. He added comments on that group’s interest in replacing or otherwise repairing the GLCC. Under any circumstance, such a facility should be retained. He encouraged forming a coalition to advocate for a new facility, citing several other beneficial facilities throughout the Seattle metro area.

General discussion of need to meet with SPR representatives to clarify our inputs in the To Do list. FOGL assesses that several of our inputs were misinterpreted and SPR’s response did not address our concern. Suggest a walk around the lake as a proper venue for discussing issues. Karen will contact Mr. Shiosaki and request an electronic copy of response, so we can post it on website, and will request a planner be assigned to work with us on a few of the issues, for example, the safety signage painted on the path and location markers.

On the 20 Jul 2016 list (not attached), items for further clarification identified were by Rob were IIe&g, IIIa, and IVa; by Gayle item IIh.

Rob commented on his ongoing work supporting Green Lake water quality and park impacts. He volunteered to do a presentation of new data on Lake algae at the April FOGL meeting.

Next regular meeting; Tuesday Apr 25 2017, unless convened sooner for added special meeting.

Brian DeLuca, FOGL Recording Secretary