Minutes for January 23, 2018 Meeting

Friends of Green Lake Meeting, Tuesday January 23, 2018, Hearthstone Boardroom

Convened at 7:00 PM

Richard FlemingGayle GarmanBrian DeLucaKaren SchurrTom SchubertRob ZisetteAndre GoodrichEllen HewittJill JaquesJeff HowardAlice Speers

Following around the table introductions, Karen S chaired the meeting.

Gayle G described the initial purpose/inception of FOGL, as primarily a grass-roots initiative to promote proactive repair of the water quality of the lake as a consequence of several years of severe algae blooms and resultant Seattle Parks Department closure of the lake to human activity.

Discussion continued with whether or not FOGL should continue or disband. If disbanding, FOGL should follow its 501-c3 requirements and properly disperse its treasury as directed by regulations. Further discussion followed.

Recent charges were noted as payment for USPS Post Office box, and maintenance of the .org and .com websites. Noted also were charges in prior years for kits to monitor for the algal toxin microcystin and phytoplankton analyses to document lake conditions.

Rob Z noted that King County uses volunteers to do general lake water quality monitoring, at Green Lake and other county lakes. Historical data is available on the WA State Department of Health website.

Primary concerns are presence of fecal coliform bacteria and algae toxins. There are also goals for visual clarity. Failure to meet standards results in lake closure and corrective alum treatments.

Rob commented on lake level as affected by near lake construction development. Nearby Green Lake Village deep foundations and underground parking has altered the natural water table such that water is drawn from the lake through underground routes formerly not affected. That former lake water is thus now routed to sewer and municipal drainage systems. Rob noted there is no current “paper trail” which documents that water migration. Rob encouraged use of social media (e.g. SKYPE, etc.) to expand community awareness, beyond relying solely on the FOGL website.

EllenH entered motion to continue FOGL as is as 501-c3 under current mission statement. GayleG seconded. The vote of the attending quorum was unanimous support.

Rob Z was elected as the new President of FOGL.

Brian DeLuca will remain as Recording Secretary.

Brian D noted that the paved path 911 Safety Location marker initiative is alive and favorable with SPD and the Fire/Police/EMT first responders. They are studying funding options.

Brian DeLuca, FOGL Recording Secretary