Minutes for January 22, 2019 Meeting

Friends of Green Lake Meeting, Tuesday January 22, 2019, Hearthstone

Convened at 7:00 PM

Rob ZisetteClarke GrayJohn PeeplesRichard FlemingKate MartinGayle GarmanMartin MullerJeff HowardLionel WangBrian DeLucaAlice PoggiDick EitelGene WilliamsMonica HinkleyKaren SchurrEllen HewittRuth BaetzPete Hinkley

Following around the table introductions, Rob Z chaired the meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed.
RZ began discussion with a progress report on FOGL’s proposition to install paved path safety/location marker plaques, all technical descriptions and FOGL’s formal proposals to Seattle Parks Department previously provided. SPD has responded with a request for additional information. FOGL suggests a special meeting to invite SPD personnel to discuss a path to success on getting the markers installed, in that the concept has support of First Responders, i.e. Police, EMT/Fire, and similar agencies. EH suggested that we elicit public press/radio support to more broadly describe to the using community about the concept.

Next was discussion of the candidates for the Taiga Hinckley memorial. Taiga’s parents in attendance advised that their family interest, with which they felt Taiga would agree, would be that any tribute would be something practically useful to park patrons. Funds to such end are suggested to be prioritized as:

  • A viewing platform at the West shore Turtle Logs.
  • Improving shower/bathroom facilities at the West Beach Bathhouse, to include addition of an outdoor shower. An outdoor shower at East Beach also mentioned.
  • Construction of a boat ramp at the Boat Rental facility adjacent to the T-Dock.
  • RZ posited floating islands for habitat and water quality improvement,
    see < https://www.biomatrixwater.com/contact/about-us/ >.

DE provided a comprehensive briefing, videos and technical descriptions on a proposed bridge to Duck Island, to allow park pedestrian patrons to visit the island vs. having to use a boat to visit.
MM, a local recognized expert on regional and Green Lake bird life, see e.g.:
https://www.birdnote.org/show/pied-billed-grebes-martin-muller > and
https://www.outdoorsnw.com/event/green-lake-bird-walk-with-expert-martin-muller/ >,
advised that Duck Island is a Washington State Game Commission and Federal 1956 designate as Seattle’s Swan Island (or Duck Island), a WPA (Works Progress Administration) wildlife sanctuary, having limited public access intended to protect the resident wildlife. < http://www.historylink.org/File/3082 >.
MM thus urged caution and due diligence be applied to any bridge consideration.
JH provided an update on his lake water monitoring and its website available for public viewing of the collected historical information.
KS presented the Treasurer’s Report which notes payments made for FOGL’s website services and Post Office fees.
Next meeting is scheduled for Tue 26 Mar 2019. Noted that there may be a TBD special meeting called for discussion of the Safety Markers installation issue.

Brian DeLuca, FOGL Recording Secretary