Minutes for August 15, 2006 Meeting

Meeting Minutes
August 15, 2006

Gayle GarmanEllen HewittBrian DeLuccaRichard FlemingTom ColostomoRob ZisetteRay SmithMichael CornellRebecca TimsonKimberly HagenKris Fuller

There wasn?t any meeting in July because most officers were out of town.

TREASURERS REPORT– Marcia Norman and Mary Lou Knox were absent. $364.00 in Savings, $1,207 in checking. $250.00 was received from Michael Cornell. T-shirt sales were about $300.00 from the cross-Lake Swim on June 24. 7/1 Milk Carton Boat Race sales – $315.00 ( T-shirts and donations).

FOGL needs to get certified by the IRS as a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation so donors can deduct donations from their federal taxes. Also, some employers will give a matching donation, if we can provide the IRS certification. Gayle noted we are working with Green Lake Community Council on this, because FOGL is a subcommittee of GLCC.


Kris Fuller, who has been acting Recording Secretary, was elected Recording Secretary to replace a resignee. She will fill out the remaining term.

Monitoring of Lake: early in the summer, Secchi disc readings (water clarity) were 3 meters (9 ft), but last Monday, the readings were only 1.5-2.0 m. It is typical for the lake to have more turbidity from algae late in the summer. The surface water temperature was 22C (about 72 F).

The $2,900.00 donation from the disbanded Green Lake Chamber of Commerce was returned at the request of the Trustee, who had asked that the money be used for plantings to beautify the south side of the community center. At the June meeting, members decided the requested project was outside the mission of FOGL, and the Parks Dept indicated the installation of a single tree would cost $1000 or more, because of the cost of maintenance and watering.


  1. Milfoil Survey. Milfoil expansion will be checked on Sunday, Sept10.
    Hererra Environmental Consultants are donating use of their 12 ft inflatable boat, which satisfies DP&R concerns about liability. Rob Zisette, who works for Herrera but is donating his time, will drive the boat. He will be assisted by Richard Fleming and a student from Billings Middle School. The student will use the data for a science project and will map it in ArcView, to update the maps done in 2005. Because of this cooperative educational venture, Billings can share their ArcView program with FOGL.
  2. FOGL website has received several recent complaints about litter and vagrancy in the Park. There are more late night users. Activity often seems to center near the NW peninsula.
  3. Tom Colosimo, a new member, is worried about dogs in the Park and negligent owners. He noted that when waste is not „scooped?, it affects the water quality. It was suggested a letter be sent to Ken Bounds regarding improved enforcement. Several people suggested that more poop bag kiosks are needed around the lake. Rebecca Timson?s class could do educational posters for the kiosks. Discussion suggested kiosks about every ½ mile around the lake. We should contact Royal Alley-Barnes or the City Council and Ken Bounds regarding the project. Use “Doggie Doo Right” as the character. Everyone loved it.
  4. Linda said 57 T-shirts remain/ 41 had been sold. Youth-Large/ Adult-Small are sold out. More than 50 T-shirts must be sold before there is any profit; however, they also generate donations and greater visibility for the organization.
  5. Level 2 Monitoring – Presenter- Richard Fleming, Ph.D. Green Lake began participation in King County Tier 2 Small Lake Stewardship program in spring of 2005. Tier 2 measures water clarity (Secchi depth), temperature, and collects water samples for measurement of algae concentrations, and nutrients at two offshore locations. Tier 1 (Secchi depth, temperature and precipitation) has been done since 2003 by Gail Barker. Green Lake is the only small lake with 2 water sampling stations- in the deepest part of the lake, a trench 25 ft deep, near the Hearthstone; and on the west side, about 0.25 miles North of Small Craft Center. The Tier 2 samples are collected from a kayak every other Sunday/Monday from April through October. Dr. Fleming demonstrated how to use the Van Dorn bottle to collect a sample from a specific depth (1 meter, or about 3 ft below the surface). Twice a year, water column profiles are taken by collecting three samples at each station; one sample from a meter below the surface, one from a meter above the bottom, and one in the middle. Water samples go to the King County Metro lab for analysis of nutrients and algae. The data are compiled into a report issued in Jan and can be used by many agencies. Much more data is available because volunteers do the work of getting the samples.

Suggestions from attendees for future programs and issues: FOGL needs to keep after the Parks Dept and Seattle Utilities about water quality and drainage issues at Green Lake. Collecting and organizing all data about Green Lake. Rebecca Timson noted her classes have been collecting phosphorus data for three years, but recently changed their sampling method. The Densmore Drain is a major issue. No one wants to take responsibility for the stormwater which comes all the way from 145th to Green Lake . FOGL will try to follow up.

The meeting ended about 9:20pm