Minutes for April 25, 2017 Meeting

Friends of Green Lake Meeting, Tuesday April 25, 2017, Hearthstone Boardroom

Convened at 7:00 PM

Guest Speakers:
Jason FriskMike StanleyDavid Graves

Richard FlemingGayle GarmanAlice PoggiKaren SchurrPeter NestingenRob ZisetteDon DeibertEllen HewittBrian DeLuca

Following around the table introductions, Ellen H chaired the meeting.
The first presentation was by Jason Friske of the Green Lake Small Craft Center (GLSCC).
Jason provided hard copies of the Center’s comprehensive brochure, with its detail available on their website. Review the brochure for the numerous programs offered by the GLSCC.

The web-available details and hard copy brochure (available at the center) details are not repeated in these minutes, but additional comments by Jason are:
GLSCC provides the largest teen program in Seattle. Its proven record of providing positive opportunities for youth is well established and proven. It has a parallel organization in the Mount Baker rowing and sailing organization, with which they do cooperative activities. Through a history of successful private funding, other than salaries for Seattle Parks & Recreation supervision (SP&R), they operate the program such that no youth applicant is turned away for lack of personal finances. He also noted that their First Aid equipment is available to any park patron in need, whether or not they are a GLSCC member.
Mike Stanley of The Seneca Group discussed working a coordinated effort of several groups and agencies for repair and renovations to the GLSCC boathouse. It was noted that with the growth of their activities, the facility no longer provides needed space and services, for the current number of patrons and programs – now vastly greater than in its earlier days. Key items under consideration:

  • Add a boat ramp to facilitate getting their whaler safety boats into the lake.
  • Improve the rest room and personal locker availability and capacity.
  • Improve/expand the workout/training area.

David Graves, SP&R Strategic Advisor, confirmed the desire for a public/private partnership on financing capital improvements at Green Lake Park. David noted that the Green Lake Community Center and GLSCC fall under separate funding.
Rob Z then presented a comprehensive discussion regarding the history and post-alum-application monitoring of lake quality and water safety, following the several alum treatments over the years – intended to restore clarity and eliminate undesired microscopic life forms. It included videos showing lake bottom conditions and details about the chemistry and life forms present in the lake over time. He noted that shoreline sampling is not representative of the condition of the lake at large, contrasting it from open-water sampling. The closing comment was that the periodic alum treatments are safe and effective to maintain lake quality and safety, and should be consider for future lake maintenance.

Additional topics presented for future expanded discussion:

  • Discussion of safety crosswalk striping near the GLSCC facility, and elsewhere around the park.
  • Signage to advise/educate on the requirements for cross-lake swimming.
  • Comments on the several signs along the shoreline, advising on requiring near-shore swimming when outside approved swimming area having life guards present.
  • Emphasis that authorized boats on the lake should be of minimum wake hull design.
  • Discussion: implementing GPS/numbered markers to locate callers for First Responders (EMT/Police, etc.).

Next meeting: Tuesday May 23, 2017, unless convened sooner for added special meeting.

Brian DeLuca, FOGL Recording Secretary