FOGL Volunteer Work Party Sat March 5

The blackbirds have returned from their winter migration, and they are ready to set up nesting territories. The last couple of years, they have not nested at Green Lake. See printable flyer, BLACKBIRD MISSING. Lets get this work done, and encourage them to come home to Green Lake to raise their families!

To volunteer, send an email to FriendsofGL@gmail.com. Volunteers are needed not only for the “dirty-work” of pulling out blackberry rootwads, and digging holes to plant new shrubs, but also for less energetic activities like taking photos and gathering debris into piles. This site is a steep bank extending to the cat-tail patch in the Lake. A few adventurous volunteers can borrow hip-boots to remove blackberries growing in the cat-tails. Next, we’ll start planting native plant species to keep people and dogs away from the nesting areas.

This is the same steep bank we worked on on Oct. 2, 2010 (see photos). After cutting the blackberries down to the ground, and hauling the vegetation to the Parks Department truck, the hard-working volunteers hacked and dug out roots to reduce re-growth.

We greatly appreciate all the hard work our many volunteers have donated to improve Green Lake’s shoreline habitat.

Hope to see you Saturday, March 5, 2011
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