FOGL Fully Supports Petition to Protect People, Parks, and Our Shared Environment

Act now to provide safe, hygienic places for people experiencing homelessness and address this crisis at Green Lake. 

To Seattle and King County Residents –

In pursuit of our mission to protect recreational and wildlife uses of Green Lake, the Friends of Green Lake fully supports the petition to protect people, parks, and our shared environment.

Homeless camps at Green Lake Park are impacting our much-needed recreational uses and wildlife habitats in the park and on the lake. Contamination of the lake with human waste and garbage is a real threat to public health, camps in the shoreline wetlands are impacting our restoration efforts and the many wildlife uses, and burning of our ancient trees is destroying decades of care and critical bird habitat.

We recognize that homelessness is a complex and growing problem that needs solutions to a multitude of causes. We believe there are better places in Seattle for homeless camps than our highly used and environmentally sensitive public parks. We urge Seattle and King County to find alternative locations where homeless camps will not be so impactful to human and wildlife uses of environmentally sensitive areas. Please sign the petition if you agree.

Rob Zisette, President
Friends of Green Lake