Don’t Miss the Fun! Sign Up for the Nov. 6 Shoreline Clean-Up Work Party Now

The Nov 6 work party will be the fourth annual shoreline milfoil cleanup. The Milfoil Cleanup will focus on the embayment just north of the paddle-boat rental (1/4 mile north of the Community Center), where the milfoil is especially dense. As Mom always said (or was it Snow White?), “Many hands make light work.” Working together with neighbors for a good cause is both fun and rewarding. To register for the milfoil clean-up from 9 AM to Noon on Saturday, Nov 6 (rain or shine) email us at: FriendsofGL@gmail.com. Boots, gloves and rakes can be had from the Parks Dept, but we need to know how many (and what sizes) to get.

What is Milfoil, anyway? And why is it so bad?

Eurasion water milfoil is an invasive, rooted aquatic weed that can grow as much as 3 inches/day. The long, stringy milfoil stems wrap around swimmers legs and boat paddles, impeding recreational use of the Lake. The fronds can eventually reach the surface and form a canopy that shades and kills native aquatic plants. In the fall, the ends of the stems break-off and are blown about the Lake. Each piece can start a new plant. In the late 1990’s milfoil covered 90% of Green Lake’s surface. By removing milfoil from the shoreline and shallow water, we retard milfoil’s spread, and reduce the nutrients that feed algae growth. (Photos, courtesy of Karen Schurr and Joyce Grage, show results of past years’ milfoil collection and removal work parties.)
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