Cleanup for Wildlife Health a Huge Success!

The Green Lake Cleanup for Wildlife Health on February 4, 2024 was a Huge Success! About 50 volunteers participated who brought a wide range of needed expertise and tools. Two shore crews were able to make it around the entire lake shoreline to cut and remove tree branches entangled with fishing lines, lures, bobbers, and lead weights.

We also had a boat crew who covered about half of the lake in highly fished areas and were able to reach those branches hanging far over the water. We removed fishing gear from well over 100 locations, most of which had probably been hanging there for many years. There are still more out there, and we plan to go at it again this summer so watch for that announcement. Thanks so much for all the hard work by everyone! We definitely made a difference in preventing more injury and deaths of owls and other birds from fishing gear entanglement at Green Lake.