Donate to Friends of Green Lake in Memory of Taiga Brant Hinckley

The Hinckley-Jardine family invites you to consider making a donation to Friends of Green Lake in memory of their brother and son, Taiga Hinckley. Taiga was a junior at The Evergreen State College, earning a Bachelor of Science degree, and spent his summers working at the Green Lake Boathouse. One of his favorite activities was kayaking and spending time on the lake, and he was a beloved fixture in the neighborhood. Please visit the family’s GoFundMe page here to make a donation and help secure a healthy Green Lake for generations to come.

CityStream Reports on Green Lake

City Stream video link

Friends of Green Lake President Rob Zisette reports that Seattle Channel published a CityStream video story August 23, 2018 that includes an interview with him done right at Green Lake talking about the lake’s wonderful water quality and how FOGL has contributed to it, as well as stories on the legendary Aquatheater and the uplifting annual August 6 event at the lake “From Hiroshima to Hope”. Plus more about Seattle people and events. Here it is for you to enjoy. Rob’s interview starts minute 11:50, although you might enjoy viewing the whole program.

Say Yes! to a Green Lake Work Party Saturday, November 10th, 9AM to Noon

Thanks for coming to this month’s Work Party!
Date:  November 10th
Time:  9 to Noon
Meet:  East End of the Small Craft Center Docks, 5900 W Green Lake Way N (near the old Aqua Theater and the Pitch and Putt Golf Course) We will be grubbing out invasive Himalayan Blackberry canes on the west side of the lake to open a new area for planting next fall. Wear your grubbies, long sleeves and drizzle protection. Can you make it?
Sign up at:
You can also find information on Green Lake Stewards Work Parties on Friends of Green Lake Calendar any time.

Lake Report - November 11, 2018

Here are today’s readings. The bottom of lake is 3.5 meters at the south end of the T-dock.

Secchi Depth: >3.5 Meters (>11.5 feet)
Water Temp: 110.8 degrees C (38 degrees F)

Monitored at East Green Lake by Jeffrey Howard. The sample was taken from the T-dock near the Green Lake Community Center. The boat rental site is closed for the winter. He will continue sampling weekly from the same site.

Through a combination of efforts by volunteer lake monitors and King County staff, the King County Lake Stewardship Program analyzes data to track long-term water quality trends in small lakes in western King County, including Green Lake. To go to the King County Lake Information Page for Green Lake, click here. Choose “Green Lake-1”.

Green Lake Park Users Helping the To Do List Get Done!

At the Friends of Green Lake (FOGL) meeting on January 26, 2016, FOGL was joined by several staff from the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation (SDPR).  At the conclusion of the meeting it was suggested by SDPR that FOGL prepare a list of items we felt should be addressed in the Park.

Alder tree growing between blocks of the shoreline wall on east shoreline.

The To Do List identifies issues or problems, provides location information if appropriate, and suggests possible corrective measures. Where possible, one or two photographs are included to illustrate the issue/problem.

Very high steps at West Beach

FOGL hopes that the “To Do” List will stimulate discussions about the needs of Green Lake Park and we hope to participate in these discussions. We expect other Park users will join in these discussions.

Green Lake Meetings

Friends of Green Lake meets at 7:00 PM on the 4th Tuesday of select months, at:

Boardroom, The Hearthstone
6720 East Green Lake Way N

NOVEMBER 27, 2018

The Green Lake Community Council also meets there, in the chapel, at 7:00 PM on 2nd Wednesdays of odd numbered months. Visit their website.

Minutes for September 25, 2018 Meeting

Friends of Green Lake Meeting, Tuesday September 25, 2018, Hearthstone

Convened at 7:00 PM

Rob ZisetteKaren SchurrMadalyn MincksAlice PoggiGail SandersonJeff HowardJosephine JardineDon DeibertMonica HinkleyTom SchubertEllen HewittBrian DeLuca

Following around the table introductions, Rob Z chaired the meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed.

KS provided the Treasurer’s Report, noting that to date account was $5,836.40 with a contribution of $275 from the Taiga Hinkley memorial source, as noted by KS and MH.

MH commented that any work to memorialize Taiga should have a practical benefit to patrons of the park. JJ suggested a planting of a tree or similar act would be appreciated. MH suggested the webpage story about any memorial to Taiga might include a photo of him kayaking – one of his favorite activities.