Donate to Friends of Green Lake in Memory of Taiga Brant Hinckley

The Hinckley-Jardine family invites you to consider making a donation to Friends of Green Lake in memory of their brother and son, Taiga Hinckley. Taiga was a junior at The Evergreen State College, earning a Bachelor of Science degree, and spent his summers working at the Green Lake Boathouse. One of his favorite activities was kayaking and spending time on the lake, and he was a beloved fixture in the neighborhood. Please visit the family’s GoFundMe page here to make a donation and help secure a healthy Green Lake for generations to come.

Green Lake Stewards - 2018-2019 Winter Newsletter

Winter greetings to lovers of Green Lake …

Members of the December 2018 work party.  Two months earlier, dense arcs of Himalayan blackberry cane hid this view of the lake!!  Special Note: there is no work party scheduled in January. February work party is the second Daturday, Feb. 9, 2019 – 9 am to noon.  March work party will be the third Saturday, March 16, 2019 – noon to 3 pm.


Winter is a good time to look back on the past year and think about goals for the new year.  In 2018 we had 12 work parties that attracted 125 volunteers who pitched in a total of 333 hours of weeding and digging.  That is nothing to sniff at.  Our work this year focused a lot on maintenance: the weeding and watering of our two restorations sites. Late in the year we began opening up a new restoration site for future planting.  In 2018 was significant in that Garet Munger stepped away from active participation as co-lead with Andrea Watts.  We miss Garet who moved away from the neighborhood and is now volunteering elsewhere, but he does stop by occasionally to spur us on.  Dan Kujawinski and Rob Hutcheson have joined Andrea in organizing and leading the work parties.  We wish Garet the best and thank him for his years of involvement with Green Lake.

For 2019 our goals are 1) continued maintenance to the give new plants in the restored areas a chance against weeds and invasive plants and summer drought and 2) open a new area on the west side (adjacent to Aurora Ave) where the Himalayan blackberry canes are at their densest.

Our March work party will move to the third Saturday for a special planting event:
We have over 60 barefoot plants to get in the ground that are being donated by the King Conservation District.
We need lots of help!


Green Lake Monitoring - Jan 13, 2019

Here are the readings for January 13, 2019.

Secchi Depth: 3.1 Meters (10.2 feet)
Water Temp:6.7 degrees C (44.1 degrees F)

Monitored at East Green Lake by Jeffrey Howard. The sample was taken from the T-dock near the Green Lake Community Center. Jeff will continue sampling weekly from the same site and also report the data quarterly to King County using their format.

Through a combination of efforts by volunteer lake monitors and King County staff, the King County Lake Stewardship Program analyzes data to track long-term water quality trends in small lakes in western King County, including Green Lake. To go to the King County Lake Information Page for Green Lake, click here. Choose “Green Lake-1”.

Green Lake Park Users Helping the To Do List Get Done!

At the Friends of Green Lake (FOGL) meeting on January 26, 2016, FOGL was joined by several staff from the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation (SDPR).  At the conclusion of the meeting it was suggested by SDPR that FOGL prepare a list of items we felt should be addressed in the Park.

Alder tree growing between blocks of the shoreline wall on east shoreline.

The To Do List identifies issues or problems, provides location information if appropriate, and suggests possible corrective measures. Where possible, one or two photographs are included to illustrate the issue/problem.

Very high steps at West Beach

FOGL hopes that the “To Do” List will stimulate discussions about the needs of Green Lake Park and we hope to participate in these discussions. We expect other Park users will join in these discussions.

Agenda for Friends of Green Lake Meeting November 27, 2018


Here’s the Agenda:

  • Introductions
  • Robert’s Rules Workshop Summary (Karen Schurr)
  • King County’s University Green Stormwater Infrastructure Project – Impacts on Green Lake (King County staff Dana West and Debra Bouchard)
  • Taiga Hinckley memorial project Update (Rob Zisette)
  • Green Lake path emergency marker project update (Rob Zisette)
  • Milfoil status and clean-up work party (Karen Schurr)
  • Treasurer’s report (Karen Schurr)
  • Website Update (Ellen Hewitt)
  • Other Business
  • Next Meeting Topics
  • Adjourn

Hope to see you Tuesday November 27!
We are meeting in the board room at The Hearthstone, 6720 E. Green Lake Way North, from 7 – 9:00 PM.

Next meeting will be on January 22, 2019.