Minutes for May 23, 2017 Meeting

Friends of Green Lake Meeting, Tuesday May 23, 2017, Hearthstone Boardroom

Convened at 7:00 PM

Elizabeth Riggs, guest speaker
Richard FlemingGayle GarmanAlice PoggiBob MartinKaren SchurrRob ZisetteMarcia NormanTim RoodEllen HewittGina HarmonPeter NestingenAnita Gras BryantGene WilliamsLynn BurnettBev LarsonJim BeckerDon DeibertCarl WesterBrian DeLuca

Following around the table introductions, Karen S chaired the meeting.

There was initial discussion about Seattle Parks & Recreation (SP&R) focus on tree trimming/pruning. The first priority is to prune/remove branches/limbs/trees which present an immediate safety hazard to park patrons. Concern noted that excessive time elapses between a tree falling on open green belt space and SP&R managing its removal, thereby allowing a safety hazard/attractive nuisance to linger on park grounds.

Elizabeth R then led discussion regarding the maintenance and/or replacement of the Green Lake Community Center and its Evans Pool, which centered around whether there should be a public/private partnership or solely public funds used to do what has been widely accepted as needed work on the facility. FOGL noted that this topic was outside the FOGL 501c3 Charter or Mission Statement, but acknowledged that presenting this issue to FOGL was a fair venue to present to interested parties. FOGL would thus not record a position on the issue, but otherwise offered a venue to present to an interested audience. For readers interested in following this topic, search it through the link provided by Ellen.

  • Noted that Councilman Mike O’Brien has advocated for spending city funds on improving/replacing the Center vs. funding improvements to the Police Precinct building on North Meridian Ave.
  • Brian D advised that to get to success, interested parties need to define and follow the “critical path”, i.e. the progressive steps to success, the earlier needing completion to then proceed to the next steps.
  • Noted that SP&R Superintendent needs citizen input to make the case for Center improvements/replacement.

As stated, FOGL does not take an official group position on the issue.

Additional miscellaneous topics:

  • Mike O’Brien asked FOGL to meet on current projects. FOGL recommends he be forwarded to groups which have active projects underway. Motion to do so by Rob Z, seconded by Gayle G – unanimously approved.
  • Gayle G reported observing algae scum at the gravel beach just south of the Bath House Theater about 9:30 am, Thursday May 18. She sent a photo to Rob Z, and he recommended collecting a sample. Rob examined the sample with his new microscope and identified predominantly Anabaena with some Microcystis, and probably toxic. He recommended collecting a sample for toxicity testing, but the scum could not be found next day on Friday.
  • Rob Z noted lake depth as affected by East side Green Lake Village altering underground water table.
  • Crosswalk striping for access to the park grounds – outside charter of FOGL – recommend passing topic to Green Lake Community Council. Noted that street marking are responsibility of Seattle Department of Transportation.
  • Bob M discussed aspects of safety and operation of cross-lake swimming. Brian D noted that absent the swimmers obeying the 50feet from shore regulation, they must accept the risks of their activity.
  • Brian D will work with city officials to seek financial grants to develop and install paved path location markers at 150foot spacing, to enable park patrons in need of health and safety first responders (911 EMT/Police, etc.) to identify their location of need around the lake.

Next meeting: Tuesday July 25, 2017, unless convened sooner for added special meeting.

Brian DeLuca, FOGL Recording Secretary