Minutes for May 22, 2012 Meeting

Meeting Summary
Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 7:00-9:00 PM
The Hearthstone, 6720 East Green Lake Way N
Board Room

Recorder: Davis Patterson

Gayle GarmanColleen HackettJoan MachlisDavis PattersonRichard FlemingMichael CornellGarret MungerKaren SchurrMartin MullerKlaus ShelleyRob ZisetteEllen HewittMarcia NormanDeidra RoesijadiKristi ParkRick Klingele

Opening of meeting

Last month’s meeting’s PowerPoint presentation will be uploaded to web site.

Scheduled to elect a new president in September

Treasurer’s report: Karen Schurr, FOGL Treasurer

Two months’ reporting: combined balance May 22, 2012: $5,660.04 (see detailed reports)

A lot of our donations came through the MyGreenlake.com blog, which is now defunct.

A Biodiversity Design for Green Lake Park: Kristi Park

Kristi Park presented the topic of her Master’s Thesis in Landscape Architecture (U.W., 2011).  Kristi’s work focused on Green Lake as an ideal place for humans and animals to interact. She explained biophilia, the concept that humans need nature for our natural processes—an exploration of what connects us to nature. Her goal was to cross boundaries (e.g., political, social) to create something fun and universally accessible. Kristi showed her video that was posted on Facebook. Much of the focus was to create more connected habitat around the lake, even if narrow in some places, which improves health of the habitat and is more suitable for animals.

Discussion: Shrub layer/understory is largely missing in the park, which is essential bird habitat.

Many areas identified in vegetation management plan have been altered such that they no longer function as habitat. Some areas have experienced growth, e.g., near the wading pool in the narrow shoreline area.

Gayle spoke to Parks Dept. about a management plan for the park. This would not be an appropriate use of recent parks levy funds, however, which is focused on capital projects.

Karen requested graphics for further consideration. Kristi will send them.

Colleen Hackett, representing the Parks Dept., asked if there were any questions for her to pursue and mentioned the Green Seattle program as a model. Colleen is charge of the crew that does the maintenance. Gayle spoke about the responsibility of the city to take care of the lake, as the only lake owned by the city.

Colleen provided her contact information and encouraged people to contact her any time: 206.233.3971, colleen.hackett@seattle.gov

New concrete pads on east side of the lake are for new double-sided park benches that will be installed that have been removed from Westlake Park. The Parks Dept. reached out to Green Lake Community Council Advisory Committee and Olmsted Friends for input but not to FOGL or other community members. There was concern about adding manmade impermeable structure to the area. The lack of communication with people in the community involved in the park is a concern.

Monitoring: Summary of summer temperature and clarity data: Richard Fleming, PhD

Each week the weekly temperature and water clarity, measured on Friday morning from the dock by the paddleboat rental are posted to the website. A copy of last month’s summary report on habitat restoration projects will be uploaded, also. Most recent readings: 64.4 degrees and 10.1 feet visibility.

Report on first Saturday work parties:

Garet Munger reported on the May 5 restoration work party—23 volunteers, including 2 Boy Scouts and 11 U.W. students. They mulched the area most heavily infested with morning glory, and removed invasive weeds from other parts of the site.

Future work parties: We need to think about recruitment of right number of volunteers, or have a plan for overflow, e.g., cutting blackberries. Garret wants to hold off on the June work party. The possibility of one more work party to finish the mulching, before the fall, was discussed.

  • ➜Plan and set date for a work party to finish mulching.

Other/new business

Richard Fleming reported on the turtle log restoration. Bryan Toth, FOGL volunteer, and Jason Frisk, from the Parks Dept small craft center, towed the logs to the site and anchored them. They are a little south of the other log, where they are easier to see from the trail.

Rob Zisette reported he had been scuba diving in the lake and it appears the milfoil is very tall for this early in the year and it is found over a larger area the in the south end of the lake than in 2005..

Upcoming events that need volunteers to explain FOGL’s activities include the Cross-Lake Swim on Sun. June 24 (8:30-11:30). One, possibly two, persons have volunteered to staff booths. Materials could use updating, and we don’t sell merchandise. It’s an educational opportunity, non-commercial. Swimmers should be interested because they are in close contact with the Lake, over its entire area. The Parks Dept also is looking for volunteers to help with organizing the swimmers on June 24.

The Milk Carton Boat Races are on July 14 and will need volunteers (2 hour shifts from 8:00-4:00).

  • ➜Karen can send out an email for booth volunteers and suggest people contact Parks Dept. if they want to be involved in some other way.

Things are winding down for the summer. No evening meetings in July and August, but a picnic in July.