Minutes for March 27, 2018 Meeting

Friends of Green Lake Meeting, Tuesday March 27, 2018, Hearthstone Boardroom

Convened at 7:00 PM

Richard FlemingGaret MungerGayle GarmanBrian DeLucaRob ZisetteJeff HowardRuth Baetz

Following around the table introductions, Rob Z chaired the meeting.

The primary topic of the meeting was to determine FOGL’s path forward and intended tasks for 2018. There was initial discussion and display of updates to the FOGL website and suggestions offered about additional forms of communication with the public at large, e.g. using the several social media websites which discuss lake/park issues.

RZ noted that over time, FOGL’s initial mission of repairing/maintaining lake water quality was accomplished. He suggested and FOGL discussed additions and alterations to the original FOGL Mission Statement. As a general initial statement, the consensus was to expand to include the watershed, not just the lake water itself. Pending further discussion and updating of the FOGL mission statement, this is under consideration for discussion at future meetings.

GG noted that more people outside the core FOGL Board need to be involved in the discussion of altering/expanding FOGL’s mission. There was consensus that was the proper path forward. It was noted that in 2006 and 2011 there were discussions leading to Mission Statement updates. RZ entered the motion to establish new bylaws and scope for FOGL. Seconded by RB. Voted Aye unanimously.

The previously submitted Seattle Parks “To Do List” as available on the FOGL website was discussed. Chris Williams as new Parks Department Director was identified. RZ suggested that Parks/City Officials attend a FOGL meeting to update/advise FOGL on what is being done with respect to FOGL inputs to the To Do list, as well as other park initiatives.

GM cited activities by the Green Lake Stewards group, regarding their work on park grounds maintenance/repair. He cited their work party activity, generally on the second Saturday of a month. Much work being done to remove invasive non-native blackberry bushes.

BD advised that the topic of the paved path safety location markers is alive and favorable in Seattle Parks Department/Fire & Police Departments/EMT First Responders. The current City activity is to seek funding to execute. BD will remain engaged in this topic. The North Precinct Advisory Council will continue to be included to this end.

Brian DeLuca, FOGL Recording Secretary