Minutes for July 31, 2018 Meeting

Friends of Green Lake Meeting, Tuesday July 31, 2018, Hearthstone

Convened at 7:00 PM

Rob ZisetteMike McDowellAlice PoggiGayle GarmanClarke GrayDon DeibertRichard FlemingJan CollverPaul KostekKaren SchurrDon TorcasoTom SchubertEllen HewittBrian DeLuca

Following around the table introductions, Rob Z chaired the meeting.

Noted first was that fees for the FOGL website and USPS PO Box have been paid and up to date.

Rob also noted providing necessary IRS Schedule A Form information for TY2017.

The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed.

Noted was that the Taiga Hinckley donation fund (~$8g) was passed on to FOGL funding as intended by the fund, in accordance with his Mother Monica’s instructions. Clarke Gray provided a bio-sketch of Taiga’s several years of good work at his Green Lake Boat Rental business. FOGL thanks Taiga for his contribution to making the Park a great place to visit/be!

Gayle G provided information on the upcoming improvements/expansion of the South End Small Crafts Boat Center (link to those details on the FOGL website). Mentioned was the possibility of adding an electrically motorized catamaran for lake use. Clarke G noted that there is a current 7mph speed limit, absent response to actual emergency events.

A broad general discussion ensued regarding the FOGL input “TO DO LIST” as may be reviewed on the FOGL website. Alice P commented that FOGL and others may have a new opportunity to have their ideas implemented under new City and Parks administrations.

RZ and KS noted identifying a FOGL subcommittee to review and select items from our previously submitted “To Do List” input to SPD.

AP and BD will meet with SPD to discuss a way forward to implement the Pathway Location Safety Markers. KS noted that the currently proposed 6x3inch plaques need to address the slipping hazard when stepping on the planned metal plaques. BD noted that these plaques can have an abrasive finish to mitigate slipping.

CG discussed capital improvements to the Rental Boat Center, to provide an improved boat launch ramp for their emergency response boat, available on site full time.

Discussion ensued regarding changing FOGL “bylaws” vs. using “policy statements” to record intentions, as suggested by AP. RF proposed accepting the ByLaws update as presented, seconded by EH. Discussion continued to revise the proposed changes at the meeting. GG proposed accepting the meeting’s update, seconded by KS. Both were voted in order with unanimous “Aye” for each, where the second vote approved the modifications to the first vote.

EH reviewed FOGL website updates. Suggested was preparing an article regarding Taiga’s work. Discussion regarding water sampling and Secchi Disk readings + RZ noted continuous water depth information is now available to SPD and other users.

RF and GG provided additional information on the Small Craft Center improvements. RZ displayed the website which showed comprehensive details on the project.

Next meeting scheduled for Tue 25 Sep 2018.

Brian DeLuca, FOGL Recording Secretary