Minutes for January 27, 2015 Meeting

Friends of Green Lake Meeting, Tuesday 27 January 2015, Hearthstone Boardroom

Convened at 7:00 PM

Richard FlemingMickey SchurrMarcia NormanClarke GrayAndrea WattsKaren SchurrGayle GarmanRick Nishi*Rob ZisetteEllen HewittMaureen KwolekBrad Cooper*Garet MungerBrian DeLucaDavid Toledo
  *new attendees

Pre- and Post-meeting: Officers signed fiduciary checking account signature authority forms.

Introductions – around the table for current and new* attendees.

Initial comments by Richard, then first order of business:

Brad Cooper, President – Green Lake Chamber of Commerce, addressed several ideas and activities for the Green Lake community:

  • Initiate a “Call to Action” (expanding on FOGL’s work) amongst area businesses to promote water quality improvement actions for the lake.
  • Develop a pool of participants for volunteer activities which support lake/park clean-up activities.
  • Brad announced planning for a Kids’ Fishing Event (kids and Disabled Veterans).
    • Renton sponsored similar event, involving ~800 kids. Estimate ~600 at Green Lake event.
    • Would provide participants with commemorative T-Shirt, fishing pole&reel, cleaning station for take-home catch.
    • Several donor sponsors have been identified.
    • Target date of Saturday 2 May; may bump forward to April.
    • Clarke Gray suggested related activity could be to promote Fathers’ Day fishing event.
    • Garet M: Motion to prepare FOGL Support Letter, Marsha seconds motion. Proviso: Letter should address sanitary facilities (porta-potties) and shoreline protection by participants.
    • There will be a separate non-FOGL 3 Feb proposal meeting on this topic.

Rob Z presented final report on his Green Lake phytoplankton study. Primarily commented on the effects of the alum treatments administered to the lake 1991 and 2004, with comments on future treatments.

Mickey S questioned if use of preferential algae schemes has been used at other lakes.

Garet M commented that the toxic algae warning signs are still up. Seattle/KingCo Departments of Health make the call on what signs and when they are posted.

Brian D commented for Clarke Gray/Green Lake Boat Rental & Snack Bar (Clarke had to leave to meet arriving SeaTac passenger): During late Summer 2014, Clarke terminated his boat operation at peak season. Although boating was still permitted, swimming and other body-in-water activities were prohibited by toxic levels. Boat operation employees spend much of the day in the lake thigh to waist high, to assist customers on launch/recovery operations – and enter water for mishap recovery procedures for upset boats. Thus, to prevent their exposure to toxins, Clarke terminated his operation ahead of schedule – thereby losing several weeks of business at peak season, employment of his staff, recreation of patrons, and loss of cash return to the City as part of his agreement to share profits.

Discussion regarding partial treatment in 2015, as booster to keep ahead of looming problem. Rick Nishi/SPD commented that we are constrained by Seattle official processes. The aforementioned funding allocation covered a study in 2015, to plan for a treatment in 2016. Ellen H commented, and others concurred, that it is time to change the process.

Andrea W appealed for volunteer activity coordination with Kathleen Conner/SPD. Suggested formation of a FOGL Restoration subcommittee. Ellen H: motion to establish committee, Karen S second – vote unanimous.

General Comments prior to closing meeting:

Chamber of Commerce: Feb 14 5k Race at Green Lake. Opportunity for FOGL to distribute fliers, have booth.

Richard F commented on condition of Densmore Drain concrete box. Clogs in feed pipe and other water pressure anomalies caused shifting of box out of position, resulting in leaking and local erosion. Repairs needed.

Richard noted he had contacted WA Fish & Wildlife about a school of comatose carp in shallow water just below an accumulation of leaf litter along western shoreline. Martin Mueller reportedly saw a similar situation several years ago.

Closing comment regarding February 2015 meeting: Naomi Chechowitz, Seattle Public Utilities/Operations & Planning, will discuss the plumbing around Green Lake including the combined sewer system, the freshwater runoff system, and the potable water system.

Brian DeLuca, FOGL Recording Secretary