Minutes for January 26, 2010 Meeting

Meeting Minutes from January 26, 2010

Gayle GarmanEllen HewittKaren SchurrRoslyn SiegelGene WilliamsMarcia NormanDeborah BonjouklianRichard FlemingSue SibernagelMichael CornellKevin StoopsMaryLou Knox

Presentation: Review of Events and Accomplishments for 2009 presented by Gayle Garman.

Events calendar included: Information booths and T-shirt/ballcap sales at the Cross-Lake Swim (June 28) and at the Seafair Milkbox Derby (July 11); FOGL picnic (July 27), information booth at forum of candidates for city council, mayor and city attorney, 2 guided birdwalks for public, 2 slide presentations of “Birds of Green Lake”, 2 shoreline milfoil clean-ups (Oct 31 and Dec. 19).

Accomplishments: Obtaining 501C status; By-law amendments. Fish advisory signs were posted by WA DOH. Parks Classification Plan changed to add Lake and its acreage. FOGL completed five years in King County Small Lakes monitoring program.

Monitoring: 2009 Summary Report could not be presented due to computer malfunction. Verbal observations made by Richard Fleming, monitoring chairman regarding the high water level of lake and the effects that removal of the riparian (shoreline) vegetation is having on wildlife habitat. Gene Williams noted this also affects water quality by reducing filtration of runoff to the Lake.

Discussion: Removal of blackberry bushes has affected wildlife habitat in a negative manner. Ellen moved and Karen seconded motion to approve sending a letter to Tim Gallagher, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation, expressing our concern regarding this issue. Voice-vote in favor was unanimous. Gayle and Richard volunteered to write the letter.

Gayle reported on GLCC application for a ProParks grant to improve Bathhouse Theater, focused on the roof and the public restrooms. The building, constructed in 1927, is in severe decline. If restrooms are not available, it could have negative effect on water quality, because they serve popular west beach. Mary Lou moved and Ellen seconded motion to endorse the Green Lake Community Council’s effort to upgrade the Bath House and restrooms. Motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation: Kevin Stoops, Director of Planning and Development, distributed copies of the Green Lake Alum Treatment, Year 6 Post-Treatment Monitoring Report. Water quality of the lake is measured by three major components: Secchi Depth, Total Phosphorus and Chlorophyll a levels. The 2007-2009 monitoring results appear slightly better than those observed in 2005-2006, because water clarity was high throughout the summer the past two years, instead of gradually decreasing over the summer as it did in 2005- 2006. The alum treatment was in April 2004.

Milfoil appears to be spreading at a greater rate than in 2008. Discussion on what to do about milfoil resulted in a suggestion that FOGL make educating ourselves about milfoil a priority for 2010.

Treasurers Report: TBA, Treasurer was absent.

Webmaster Report: Website includes photo of the Pathway of Lights, banner now includes results from Billings Middle School; the science class measures water temp and clarity from dock each week. Ellen mentioned that there is often interest from people wanting information on fishing in Green Lake, and that website is one of ways FOGL gets new members.

Planning for 2010: FOGL will continue efforts to:

  • Monitor water quality of the lake
  • Attend the Open Swim and Milkbox Derby – Gayle asked for volunteers to take a leadership role for these events.
  • Fundraising – looking for someone to manage T-shirt and cap sales.

Additional activities for 2010:

  • Milfoil growth and impact on the water quality and recreation of the lake will be a major focus in 2010
  • GIS mapping – Karen Schurr spoke to a graduate student from the U of W who suggested this could be a topic for a thesis paper.
  • Membership and outreach – it was agreed that we want to recruit members and Gayle asked that someone champion this activity. More discussion on this topic next meeting.
  • Shoreline vegetation management- letter will be sent to Parks Dept by next meeting
  • Cyanobacteria – This does not appear to be an immediate problem.

Next Meeting: Richard Fleming will give the 2009 Monitoring Summary that could not be given because of the computer malfunction; Kevin Stoops will provide information on milfoil, its management and its historic prevalence in Green Lake; report on letter regarding riparian vegetation, membership and outreach discussion.

Meeting was adjourned at 9 PM.

Deborah Bonjouklian, Secretary