Volunteer Work Parties Cleaning and Planting Redwing Blackbird Nesting Site

On Saturday March 5, some 19 energetic FOGL volunteers tugged blackberry vines and roots out of a bank north of the turtle logs on the W. shore of Green Lake, tacked down burlap to keep the weeds away, and planted Parks Dept-provided salal, Nootka rose, snowberry, blueberry, flowering currant and elderberry through it. The natural fiber of undyed burlap will biodegrade in less than 2 years.

Help pull out blackberry roots, dig holes and replant native shrubs at the SE corner of the Lake – next volunteer work party Saturday April 2, 9 AM to noon!

Green Lake Pied-billed grebes are pairing-up now and getting ready to build their floating nests in early May. The usual 4-5 nest locations a summer dwindled to just one last year because of loss of habitat. Restoring dense vegetation along the shoreline will encourage these wild birds to again raise their chicks on our urban lake. Please pre-register by email to FriendsofGL@gmail.com so we know how many boots, shovels, picks and other tools are needed, and who wants to do which job(s), e.g. the “dirty-work” of pulling out blackberry rootwads and digging holes to planting new shrubs or less “earthy” activities like taking photos and gathering debris. Look for us April 2 north of the pitch and putt golf course, restoring the area where we pulled blackberries out on December 3. Give us a wave as you walk by, and consider helping at the next work party. Hope to see you Saturday, April 2.

Photos courtesy of Karen Schurr
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