Help Us Make a New Green Lake To-Do List

At our January Friends of Green Lake meeting, Dick Johnson, the Parks Division Director, asked FOGL to provide a list of things that needed to be done at Green Lake Park. A major portion of our April meeting will address compiling a To-Do List. You are invited to attend, participate, and contribute your ideas.

Examples of ideas that have been suggested so far are:

  • Develop a Vegetation Management Plan for the lake’s shoreline.
  • Return the Green Lake Community Center rooms that are currently being used as Parks’ Department offices to public use for classes and meetings.
  • Remove willow branches that were cut and left in the cattails near the turtle logs. The branches provide an unwanted bed for blackberries, shading out the cattails and eliminating nesting habitat for the blackbirds.

To have the most effect, FOGL’s list must be well-ordered, identify issues, and contain suggestions for appropriate corrective measures. If you have suggestions for the Green Lake To-Do List, it would be very helpful to have you submit your suggestions and concerns via the Contact tab “Your Message” area on the Friends of Green Lake website, or otherwise mail your input to:

Friends of Green Lake
PO Box 30715
Seattle, WA, 98113-0715

You can use the following format to input your suggestions or concerns:

First Name:
Last Name:
Suggested Action:

You may also present your input at the FOGL meeting in the Board Room at The Hearthstone on Tuesday, April 26th, 7:00 pm. An action committee will be formed and there will be voting on the projects at the May meeting.